We have the collective skills and know-how to assist organisations in developing and implementing a wide range of K services and to facilitate the development and implementation planning of appropriate strategies. We offer a variety of open and customized in-house short courses with duration from one to five days.

All of our training programs feature a combination of lecture and discussion, as well as real-world, scenario-based team activities and labs. These classes are delivered by an elite group of experienced instructors. Their unique styles and vast experiences enhance the classroom and bring the subject matter to life, making it pertinent to your own organizational environment.


A webinar is an online interactive meeting - a presentation, seminar, lecture, workshop, etc. - that is held over the Internet. The presenter can convey information to the attendees through voice, video, or presentation software (i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint), and the end users can sometimes interact with the presenter to ask questions or seek additional guidance on a topic.


When you want to train the most people in the most cost and time efficient way, an onsite training contract is the best plan. We come to you, saving you from travel costs for multiple staff to attend a training conference, bringing a half-day or full-day curriculum based on your needs right to your campus.


I can help you work through your issues and come up with a Social Media plan that will best fit your business. We start out with a questionnaire that helps me determine where you are currently with Social Media and where you want to go. I also get some background on your marketing message so we are consistently weaving that into what we do. Then we sit down and I walk you through what you need. We set up a strategy and system that will work for you in the future.